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Does an intellectual conversation sound more appealing to you than a candlelit dinner?

Is a high IQ more important to you than a high credit score?

Does your ideal partner use a pocket protector?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a sapiosexual.

Sapiosexuals hold intelligence in higher regard than surface characteristics like looks and the number of people who identify as such is growing.

In fact, there are so many people who consider education more than most other things that there are now niche dating sites dedicated to connecting them.

Academic Singles is one such site.

I signed up for the service to see how clever it is.

Signing Up

academic singles signup

Signing up for the service begins with providing basic information such as your gender, the gender you are looking to be matched with, and your email.

Once you complete this process you will be directed to fill out a profile.

This step involves answering questions that are used as part of a scientific matchmaking algorithm and it makes sense that a service focused on intelligence should employ a smart matching feature.

Most of the questions require you to rate the importance of features like ‘decisiveness’ and ‘caring’ of a potential partner, as well as answer questions that describe yourself.

Additional basic information like your name, date of birth, and background info will round out the profile creation process.

Ease of Use

Academic Singles Ease of Use

Academic Singles has a very slim feature set and is, thus, easy to use.

A navigation bar appears on every page of the website and the iconography used throughout the site should be familiar to anyone familiar with modern technology.

Profiles have a very generic layout, with an image, about me, and a values and lifestyle section.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much for free users to do on the site, but I’ll get to that later.


Academic Singles Features

The Academic Singles service offers features like matches, profiles visitors, favourites, and a mailbox.

And that’s it.

The site is far from feature-rich. In fact, it is the most barebones dating site I have ever tested.

Just because the platform is made to appeal to intellectuals, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun.

In fact, there is a ton that the service can offer to stimulate its members, including brain games that you can play with matches.

But they offer nothing. Not even an app.

Academic Singles loses major points on the feature front.

Staying Safe

Academic Singles has a well laid out privacy policy that guarantees that your information will be kept safe.

There are also several available features to prevent people from harassing you.

These include a reporting feature and the ability to block users from accessing your profile and photos.


Academic Singles Pricing

You can sign up for an Academic Singles account for free. Unfortunately, it’s fairly useless.

A free account merely provides you with the ability to create a profile and take a personality test.

To do anything else, including send and read messages, use the favourites feature, and view pictures, you need to pay.

Yes, you can’t even view other profiles on a free account.

I think this is a big mistake on Academic Singles’ part because one of the reasons people sign up for a free account is to see if the people who use the service are worth paying to interact with.

That is why I consider Academic Singles a paid-only service.

A one-month “committed” plan costs a ridiculous £42.99 per month, a “basic” three-month plan costs £30.99 per month, and a “classic” six-month plan costs £18.99 per month.

Final Thoughts

I did not enjoy my time on Academic Singles.

It is very light on features, expensive, and does not provide anything that a more mainstream dating website does not.

The idea is quite good, in theory, and the niche is definitely one that should continue to be explored by more services.

Unfortunately, Academic Singles is not the one.

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