An Overview of the Best Dating Apps

Match.com: this is one of the most popular dating websites in the world. You can download their app for free on your iPhone or iPad and browser-based website. This will cost you £12.99 per month. Just create a profile and Match.com will find you the perfect match on the app. You can easily search for […]

Cupid.com Online Dating Review 2017

Introduction The online dating website, Cupid.com, launched in 2002. Their targeted markets are located in the UK, the United States, Australia and Canada. The website has over 8 million users to date. Cupid.com emphasizes the importance of putting in personal effort over solely relying on scientific calculations that other online dating websites tend to use. […]

Chemistry.com Dating Site Review

Introduction Chemistry.com, the sister site of Match.com, aims to match people based on their compatibility test developed by Dr. Helen Fischer. She has been researching relationships for a number of decades and is also an anthropologist. The test places you in one of four categories (Director, Negotiator, Builder or Explorer) to help determine who you’ll […]

How to Avoid Online Dating Scames

An Introduction to Online Scamming Scammers will try to find their victims on dating websites, apps or social media. They’ll specifically seek out people looking for love and pretend to be interested in them. Emotional manipulation is the way in which they’ll draw their victims into sending them money, presents and giving them access to […]

6 Best Online Dating Sites in the UK

In this day and age of modern technology and digital interactions, online dating has fast become one of the most popular ways for potential couples to chat online with the intention of finding love. Chat sites and dating websites & apps have paved the way for this popularity, and it’s now considered easier than ever […]

Five Steps To Find Love Online

According to the study held by the National Academy of Sciences, one-third marriages in U.S. that took place between 2005 and 2012 were the result of the online dating. So why should Londoners lag behind?Sure, there are dozens of stories about how online dating may go wrong, when a person gets assaulted or even scammed […]

The Truth about Online Dating Sites

Over the past decade millions of people have walked away from the dating scene in favor of pursuing relationships online. The reasons for this change of activity is wide and varied – and in many instances the processes have been criticized for being way too introverted and encouraging a lack of socialization. Even with these […]

eHarmony Review

As great as the name sounds, just how enjoyable is eHarmony as a service, and how does it compare to other platforms on the market? For a start, eHarmony is one of the longest lived dating websites online – being beaten in longevity by Match.com alone. There are a whole host of features and functions […]