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The online dating website, Cupid.com, launched in 2002. Their targeted markets are located in the UK, the United States, Australia and Canada. The website has over 8 million users to date.

Cupid.com emphasizes the importance of putting in personal effort over solely relying on scientific calculations that other online dating websites tend to use.

They focus on helping you connect with singles in your local area. The website has innovative matchmaking techniques and full smartphone support. Members can choose to have a free or a paid subscription. But a unique addition is that a member can buy perks and profile boosts to gain more exposure on the website.

cupid.com dating website

Signing Up

You can easily sign up within a few minutes. The website will ask you to fill in your gender, date of birth, personal interests, location, preferences, a valid e-mail address and password, etc. Then you will receive an e-mail to verify that you are a valid user. After you log in, you will be able to choose a screen name, upload pictures and give more details about you. The quiz section of Cupid.com gives members more specific and unique information about yourself.

Matchmaking Features

There are many ways to communicate with other members. There’s the standard option to browse through a list of popular results or a list defined by search parameters (like activity or distance for example).You can send private messages to their inbox or instant chat, you can send a “wink” or use the audio and video chat.

The many forums and chat rooms give you a chance to get to know other members by discussing different topics. These topics include dating, relationships, music, movies and much more.

There’s a vast range of profile options on Cupid.com and this will most likely increase your chances of finding love.

When browsing to check out other members’ profiles, make sure to use the “Special 7” and “Daily Top” features which suggest possible matches for you and send them to your private inbox.

The Unique Features cupid.com wingman barney

You can boost your popularity and visibility on the website by purchasing bonuses or adding a catchy message. Send a “multiflirt” to many members all at once, to show that you are interested in them. Except adding your biography and pictures, you can also include webcam recordings of yourself and rate your character traits on a scale of 1 to 10.

When you fill in a quiz, you may receive a recommendation of a member who gave the same reply. You can also see the number of matching answers on someone else’s profile.

The “Q-Match” function makes things easier for you and matches you up with members who gave similar responses.

A feature that is not found on other online dating websites is “Wingman Barney”. He’ll contact your potential match and give them more information about you. This match has to give a direct reply and so you’ll know the answer soon enough without getting too embarrassed.

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