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As great as the name sounds, just how enjoyable is eHarmony as a service, and how does it compare to other platforms on the market? For a start, eHarmony is one of the longest lived dating websites online – being beaten in longevity by Match.com alone. There are a whole host of features and functions that can be enjoyed by members, and there are even a collection of promotional offers that can be cashed in to allow someone the opportunity to venture into the site without obligation. We decided that the best way forward would be to take advantage of an offer, and then opt into a membership to gage the differences in features.

Our First Taste of eHarmonyeharmony

The first thing that we, and many other users noticed, is that eHarmony has an incredibly expansive database in the UK. It’s simply huge, with results being obtainable from even the most remote regions around the world. We can confidently say that whether you’re in Europe, the US, or even Australia – eHarmony has countless singles waiting to chat and get to know each other. This is something that several other dating sites just can’t boast.

After signing up with a promotional code (a code that only expired recently), we were able to peruse the full database, as well as fill in a multitude of questionnaires to obtain better matches. The questionnaires range in type, and where some are basic forms asking for age, location and sexual preferences, others are a lot more involved.

Our First Taste of eHarmony

Fortunately, none of these questionnaires are compulsory – in fact it’s completely fine to explore the site without answering anything beyond whether you’re a male or a female, and your age. This may seem pretty restrictive at first, after all how will potential love matches learn about you and your lifestyle if you haven’t taken the time to answer any questions about yourself? Well, that’s where the profile section comes into play.

Intermediate Features of eHarmony

All accounts are issued with their very own profile page. This section can be as vague or complex as you like, although we found it much more enjoyable and worthwhile to fill out individual segments. There’s nothing worse than an empty profile, as not everyone is happy to proceed with a relationship on photos alone. It definitely pays to spend an hour or two putting the profile page together, to better introduce yourself to possible partners.

The great thing about the profile page is that again, nothing is compulsory. If you want to leave any particular areas blank that’s completely acceptable – which is ideal if you’re keen to keep a few things for that special someone soon to be in your life. Beyond the profile and questionnaire features, there’s the searching – a feature that is second to none when compared to the majority of other sites that we’ve evaluated.

There are two main ways to search – the first will only come to fruition if you take the time to fill in the questionnaires. With these questions answered, the unique Algorithm of eHarmony will begin cross-referencing your results, before doing the same for other similar singles that match your preferences. After 24 hours, your search results will displayed with a pretty accurate set of potential love matches for your perusal.

Intermediate Features of eHarmony

The more common way to search is the manual method, and it’s definitely as accurate as the team at eHarmony profess. There are options for simple searches such as those relating to people currently online, those within a 5 mile radius, or simply individuals that match your age. Where things really get interesting is with the advanced search however – and the options are almost endless. From religion, age range, origin, skin color, hair length and even number of children; there aren’t many filters that can’t be applied – and the results are quite astounding. What you’re presented with is a multitude of results that match your search exactly, making it even easier to find love.

Our Final Thoughts

eHarmony is definitely worthy of a market leader title. Although not the most extensive service available, it is certainly worth the small investment each month. As the success rate is simply so high, the average user could walk away with a love match having paid for less than 3 months – making this platform very appealing for those with a limited budget, or hoping to find love as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are even free sign up options, so there’s no reason not to try.

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