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According to the study held by the National Academy of Sciences, one-third marriages in U.S. that took place between 2005 and 2012 were the result of the online dating. So why should Londoners lag behind?Sure, there are dozens of stories about how online dating may go wrong, when a person gets assaulted or even scammed during their first date. However, it does not mean that London is dangerous for online dating. All you need to do is to follow our simple steps – so that you will get the chance to meet your destiny online.

The first and probably most important step is creating your profile. This page will represent you for your potential dates, so make sure that you stick to certain rules.

Choose the best photo

Even though we always want people to love us for our personalities, it is our appearances they see when open our online dating profile for the first time. For that reason you should pick the best photo. It doesn’t mean that you should look like a top model on it, but it should reflect you as you are today. Do not choose a group photo as no one will be able to figure out where are you on that photo. Try to avoid annoying clichés like trout pouts, sunglasses, cocktails, drugged-up chicks and so on. Also do not choose a photo from your prom unless it was held this year.

Five Steps To Find Love Online

Be honest

It seems there is no woman who wouldn’t like to shave off a few pounds when anybody asks about her weight. Nevertheless, mind the difference between a pound or two – and thirty. The same is about any other information on your profile. Do not try to appear a different person. Remember that a fascinating dating profile may provide you with a bunch of first dates, but none of them will lead to the second one if you will be lying. You don’t need to create an impressive essay, just write some small details about yourself which will make you stand out of the crowd. Mind the grammar and spelling, otherwise you will easily ruin the whole image.

Don’t be a ‘picky eater’

It is clear that everyone has their own image of an ideal person, but it’s not a reason for you to demand anyone to be that ideal. If you state outright the list of dos and don’ts of your perfect date, you will either seem too self-assertive or over demanding.

Look carefully for a date

Once you’ve created your profile, it’s high time to find a perfect date. Always search for red flags in the profile. Remember that not everyone is honest online, so you should read between the lines. If a man talks too much about how his perfect woman looks like, be sure that he is too obsessed with the appearance and will never pay attention to your character.


If you have children, don’t ever hide that fact. If a profile says that this man hates kids, you should search for another man, as even the best child in the world will be able to change his mind.

Hold back your personal info

When you have decided that you would like to go on a date, it is better to choose a neutral location, like a cafe or coffee shop. Don’t let an unknown man to pick you up from home as well as don’t give any other personal details until at least second or third date. He can appear just a wrong person or maybe even a swindler, and you will be on the safe side.

Overall, if you live in London, you are lucky to be in the centre of the biggest dating pool in the UK. Keep in mind our advice and you will enjoy the process or maybe even find the life partner.

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