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Flirt is a dating website for those looking for social encounters, as opposed to something committal and serious.

Aimed towards younger users, the website is designed similarly to popular social networking websites, providing a familiar and easy to learn experience.

Is Flirt worth your time? I signed up to find out.

Signing Up

When signing up for Flirt, you will only be required to share your age, gender, and email. A password is also required at this point.

Once completed, you won’t be able to access the site until you enter an activation code that is sent to your email address within five minutes of signup.

From there, you can choose your screen name, status, “looking for”, and location. Flirt supports same-sex browsing.

Ease of Use

Flirt Navigation Bar

You can navigate to all corners of the Flirt.com website using the menu bar.

Because there are only visual cues, it may take you some time to learn what each icon links to, but once you do you will find that each feature was carefully considered.

From the navigation bar, you can access the search function, messages, live chat, your views, winks, your favourite people, and your newsfeed.

Flirt is designed to work like the social networks you use most often.


True to its name, Flirt has many features that enable users to create a romantic vibe.

These include a photo- and video-sharing tool, which you can use to send personalized media to specific people, an active instant messenger app, which you can use to strike up a conversation, and a wink feature, which you can use to show your interest in other people on the site.

Flirt allows and even encourages salacious content, with a ‘Naughty Mode’ that enables you to browse lusty photos and videos.

Staying Safe

Flirt has a Fraud Prevention Team that works hard to keep you safe on their site. They achieve this by keeping your information safe from phishers, as well as blocking known threats.

If you verify your identity through a confirmation process done by text, phone call, or credit card, you will be included in “Safe Mode” filtering, which only shows browsers trusted individuals. I really liked this feature and highly recommend it to all users.


Flirt Premium Dating Account

Flirt is a free service, but you can enhance it by purchasing a premium account.

Unlike other services, you can only pay on a monthly basis and there is no discount for committing to a long period.

The Extra Security plan costs £12.99 and includes the ability to browse incognito, hide the ‘message read’ status, and go offline. These are all good features worthy of additional payment.

What I didn’t like was that it also grants you access to the site using HTTPS encryption. That feature should be standard and no one that you have to pay for.

The Chataholic Pack costs £17.99 and propels your username to the top of the messenger function, enables you to see “message read” alerts, and places your profile at the top in the Like Gallery.

The Premium Dater plan costs £25.99 and includes all of the features in the previous two plans, in addition to a higher boost in search results. Think of it as SEO for your dating profile.

Final Thoughts

Flirt is a good platform for creating non-committal relationships and setting up random encounters. It is even good for simply having a good time online, with some racy encounters.

The people on the site are there for one reason, so expect a more eager user than you would normally find on relationship-based dating websites.

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