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Whether you’re new to the online dating industry or you’ve been around the block a few times you’ll have undoubtedly heard about the award-winning Match.com.

The site service has been around for just over a decade now, and their guarantee to “make love happen” is evident because in that time it has helped to pair no less than ten million happy couples all over the world. Match.com is one of the most popular dating sites online, but what makes people continue to sign up for the service?

I opened an account on Match.com to learn more.

Match.com Drilldown

Year Founded 2006
Location USA
Active Users 25 million
Monthly Traffic 37+ Countries
Support 24/7 Live Chat
Ease of Use High
App? Yes
Cost £9.99/month
Recommended Yes
Website Match.com

Ease of Use

If there is an online dating book, Match.com probably wrote most of it. Easy to navigate and completely self-explanatory, the service is foolproof. Search through their database of users is a snap using criteria that matter most to you.

There are also a number of other ways you can use the search bar:

  • A custom search enables you to only see people in your area who are currently online.
  • Reverse searches enable you to find people who are looking for profiles similar to yours.
  • Mutual matching pairs you with users who answered similarly to you in the “About” section.
  • Match.com’s Date Spark feature enables you to create a date and get responses in real time. If you’re interested in meeting up with someone who responds, you can meet up on the same day!

If you ever have any issues with the service, you can contact customer support by email or even by phone.


Paving the way for the recent generation of dating sites online, Match.com was one of the first websites to enter the niche market, and in that time their infrastructure has undergone incredible advances.

Gone are the early days where Match.com’s algorithms relied on inaccurate, costly services that would pair completely different individuals – simply because they both expressed an interest in the same sport.

These days, Match.com employs one of the most powerful algorithms around – the likes of which other similarly feature-filled dating websites haven’t been able to match.

With hundreds of thousands of new users signing up every single year, there’s never a shortage of fresh singletons to browse – and it is this consistent influx of people that leads more and more lonely hearts to the potential of the service.

The first thing that you’ll notice when using Match.com is that there is a whole host of promotional offers to entice potential matches. From free browsing (not including first-time messages), all the way to discounts for those that fail to find a love match after six months, Match.com is certainly generous when it comes to its special offers and giveaways.

NOTE: It’s not the cheapest service on the market, in fact, many people find themselves having to think twice about the price, but the reasoning behind the overall expenses are clear once you sign up.

With access to literally thousands of potential love matches, singles looking for love are spoiled for choice when it comes to chatting to people of interest and the search options are second to none.

Match.com offers two main ways to find the person of your dreams:

The first takes place automatically in the form of questionnaires, profile forms, and other textual input. As you enter your information, which includes your age, location, sexual orientation, lifestyle preferences, habits, family traits, and biography, Match.com will subtly collect this information from you (entirely safely, of course).

With this information, they’ll then begin the process of cross-referencing with other users and before long, you’ll be presented with an entire collection of people that ‘tick all of the right boxes’ as far as Match.com’s unique algorithm is concerned.

Every time that you log in, you will be greeted by the profiles of these individuals and you will have the option to either contact them or reject the potential match. During this time, Match.com will also actively send emails with a compilation of their latest findings that match your preferences. This is something that other websites try to mimic, although Match.com has the market cornered in this regard.

Match’s Services

The second is through searching on your own. Most online chat sites offer some form of manual search although Match.com just so happens to boast one of the most accurate and successful techniques available.

If you’re keen to find particular traits in a partner (such as hair colour, body type, smoking habits, or the number of children they have), then the advanced search is a great option.

Unlike other websites that still throw back irrelevant results every so often, Match.com will only ever provide results based on the searcher’s preferences.

This means that if there are 1000 potential love matches, the most prominent will display first. If there are only a few, then the same applies, without the incessant need for the results to go on for pages and pages, well beyond your preferences.

Match.com has been around for a long time now, and, over the course of the years, they’ve mastered the art of customer satisfaction. By signing up as a paying member, Match.com will make their support team available at all hours, making it easy to obtain assistance with a particular issue or have questions answered.

It’s not just the real time assistance that is great either; the out-of-hours help is very useful, too.

Support Features

Members can contact the Match.com customer care team whenever suits them by sending a message via email or contact form, and this will then be reviewed in good time in much the same way support tickets for other organizations work.

If the query isn’t answerable directly, or if you’d prefer to avoid chatting to support then there’s always the option to check out the numerous FAQs on the site.


Match.com is extremely usable for free users, but there are some benefits that come along with paying for membership. In addition to the added ability to send and receive messages, you will also be able to do things like see who viewed your profile, keep track of connections and people you’ve flirted with, and remove unwanted results from your searches.

Pricing varies depending on the duration you pay for up front:

  • When paid on a month-by-month basis, the service costs £29.99.
  • If you pay for three months in advance, the cost drops to £19.99, a 33% savings.
  • Finally, a six-month membership costs just £9.99 per month, amounting to 66% in savings.

Aside from the lower average monthly cost, I recommend signing up for the six-month membership as, according to Match.com, that is all the maximum amount of time you will need on the site before you meet that special someone.

Final Thoughts

Considering Match.com’s extensive range of features, enticing offers, incredibly high success rate, and competitive pricing, this dating website would make the ideal platform for anyone looking for love, regardless of the age.

Match.com has truly cemented their service as one of the top online dating sites and they are so confident in their product that if you don’t find love in six months, you can get an additional six months at no extra cost.

I’m guessing they don’t give away too many free memberships, but even if they do, I like those odds.

I recommend giving them a shot with their free trial. Who knows? Maybe you, too, will find love on Match.com!

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