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Introduction to Mature Love

Mature Love is the UK’s number one website for those above the age of forty to find their soulmate.

Whether you’re hoping to find your first love online or are ready to get back into the dating game following a loss or split, Mature Love can help.

I signed up for Mature Love to learn more about the platform, its ease of use, its feature set, and more.

Here are my thoughts…

Signing Up for Mature Love

Mature Love SignUp Screen

To sign up for the service you will be required to enter your first name, date of birth (which begins at 1977, to ensure people respect the age limit), gender (binary), email and password.

Once registered, you will be able to create your profile right away. This is done in six steps:

  1. Photo Upload – The most important part of any profile, your photo is the first element you will add. Mature Love provides some good pointers for selecting the best photo, so make sure to take their advice to heart.
  2. Questions – Next you can answer questions designed to help other users get to know you better. Information about your favourite meal, for example, can be a good way for others to select the location of your first date.
  3. About – Your About section is completely open to anything else you want to tell people about yourself. Although you are free to write what you want, Mature Love also gives you some pointers that you can choose to follow.
  4. Details – Here Mature Love gets into the nitty gritty, with questions about occupation, religion, and even eating preferences. You can choose to answer all or none of these questions.
  5. Interests – The most common interests are listed in this section, including green issues, the arts, and animals.

Signup is really simple and you will be able to get started in no time.

Mature Love Ease of Use

Mature Love Navigation Menu

The navigation menu will be your main resource for using the Mature Love website. Although it is not the most modern design, it is easy to learn to use.

You can use the navigation menu to access the search section, your own profile, your inbox, a “who’s viewed me” section, diaries, encounters, and favourites.

Once you get the hang of the navigation, everything else will follow suit.

I would say that Mature Love is more simplified than the average dating website, but I assume that is because it caters to an older audience, rather than because it’s “incomplete.”

Mature Love Features

Mature Love offers users some great features that they are actually quite likely to use and enjoy.

Aside from the fairly standard dating website experience it offers, you will find some unique additions.

The Diaries component allows you to keep a running blog that anyone can read. This is a nice feature for getting to know people on a more intimate level before initiating with them.

I also enjoyed using the Encounters feature, which works just like a typical dating app where you get a rapid-fire selection of people whom you can approve or disapprove of.

Staying Safe on Mature Love

Mature Love provides online dating safety tips in addition to in-person dating tips. Aside from that, you can contact them with any questions or concerns you may have.

You can also block specific users if there are specific individuals harassing you. Of course, you should report them as well.

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t provide background check or a verified user service.

Mature Love Cost

Mature Love CostMature Love is highly usable for those who aren’t registered but becomes even more useful if you pay for the service. A premium account includes the ability to add bolt-on features, online chat, see who is looking at your profile, and write your own dating diary.

You can sign up for varying increments of time and, as is standard for sites of this nature, the longer you sign up for, the more money you save on a monthly basis.

A one-month subscription costs £40. Increase that to three months and it’s just £30 per month. Half a year on Mature Love will set you back £20 per month and a full year is reduced to just £15 per month (50p per day!).

Final Thoughts About Mature Love

Mature Love is a great option for those above 40 looking to create a new partnership or even find someone for the first time. Even if you have felt the despair of being single at an advanced age, it is worth looking into this service.

Its added features are really clever and can help you get to know other users in a way that other dating sites just don’t provide.

I recommend Mature Love to everyone who knows it’s never too late!

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