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Nobody knows us like our friends and families.

MySingleFriend understands this and offers a unique twist on online dating profiles.

In addition to what you choose to share with people on the site, you can get up to ten of the people closest to you to supplement your profile and provide others with anecdotes, stories, and opinions of you.

This approach is quite clever and has attracted many users to the service.

Over 200,000, in fact.

But is there more to the site than a cute gimmick?

I signed up to find out more.

MySingleFriend Drilldown

Year Founded 2005
Location UK
Active Users 200,000
Monthly Traffic 24+ Countries
Support 24/7 Live Chat
Ease of Use High
App? Yes
Cost £10.50/month
Recommended No

Signing Up

Signing Up for MySingleFriendCreating a free profile on MySingleFriend is a quick process that begins with specifying your gender, what gender you’re interested in, and providing an age range.

From there you can specify your date of birth and create an account using your email address or Facebook profile.

Once you confirm your email address you will be directed to begin building your dating profile.

First, you will answer questions about yourself and then about your potential matches.

You can specify everything from age range, location, body type, looks, and lifestyle while also clarifying the importance level (on a scale between not important at all and non-negotiable).

Next, you will be instructed to write a bit about yourself, answering questions about why people should get to know you and describing your ideal match.

I recommend taking the time to consider these things as they are designed to not only give others insight but to give you insight as well.

You can choose to add a photo after or do so later. MySingleFriend offers a guide to choosing a photo, but ours is better.

One of the things that set this service apart from others is users have the ability to get their friends involved.

After uploading your picture, you can invite your friends and relatives to “recommend” you on the site. They can write why they think you’re a good catch and further enhance your profile.

Finally, you will have the option of further enhancing your profile details. Once completed (or skipped), you can begin exploring the site.

Ease of Use

MiSingleFriend Navigation BAr

The navigation bar on the top of every page of the site is broken down into four categories: connections, find, messages, and menu.

Each of these is self-explanatory and thus easy to use.

When you click on any of the categories, you will see a list of additional options related to each category. For example, clicking connections will lead you to a box with options to view your matches, favourites, and so on.

The layout of MySingleFriend is extremely basic, as are its features.


MySingleFriend Features

MySingleFriend is fairly light on features.

In fact, aside from the bare minimum that it needs to provide to be called a dating site, there really isn’t much there.

The site does, however, perform all of the essential services very well. From search to making connections, I found that MySingleFriend was quite effective, despite the limited options.

Still, this dating site is much less fun than others like Zoosk.

Staying Safe

MySingleFriend tries to ensure that you remain safe on and off of their service.

They provide a guide with tips for using the service, as well as the ability to report and block annoying or suspicious users.

The service has a good privacy policy, which ensures that not only do they operate within a legal framework, they also guarantee not to spam you.

If any of this ever changes, the site is required to inform you according to the policy.


MySingleFriend Pricing

Subscribers to the service get a whole host of benefits including the ability to read and send unlimited messages, get up to 1,000 matches, view private photos, see who has viewed your profile, and sort your searches.

All of this comes at a cost, of course:

  • One month costs £28.
  • Three months costs £18 per month.
  • Six months costs £13.33 per month.
  • One year costs £10.50 per month.

As with most other services, the longer you commit, the more you save.

Unfortunately, unlike most other services, MySingleFriend doesn’t really give you much for your money.

Sure, you get access to the community that uses the service, but you don’t get much else.

Final Thoughts

MySingleFriend is almost a service worth recommending. What it does, it does well.

Unfortunately, there is so much it doesn’t do and, simply put, the service isn’t fun.

One crucial element to online dating is helping people become comfortable with one another. This can be achieved through clever features, but MySingleFriend doesn’t have any.

I recommend looking into one of the many other services we’ve reviewed. There are many excellent dating sites out there.

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