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The Muslim religion has an effective matchmaking mechanism that has brought together successful couples for centuries.

Unlike typical western practice, it is uncommon for Muslim singles to go out and pursue a partner on their own.

Instead, it is the families that bring people together through a system that relies solely on a network of people you know.

Although some still choose this method over any other, many Muslim singles are now turning to alternative sources to find love.

Namely, through online dating.

With nearly two billion Muslims in the world, it makes sense that there are niche sites designed to cater specifically to people looking for others within the faith.

SingleMuslim is one such site.

I signed up to learn more about the service and determine how successful it may be at bringing Muslims together.

Signing Up

SingleMuslim Getting Started

The signup process for Single Muslim begins by specifying your gender, location, and email.

Next, you will be required to create a username, provide a date of birth, and provide a reason for registering.

It’s worth noting that you can sign up to find a partner for yourself or for someone you know. This is a homage to traditional matchmaking in Islam.

Next, you will fill in some details about yourself, including your level of religiousness and what you expect in a partner.

Things get quite specific early on, with a request for more details including an address and phone number, which the site deems is for “office use.”

SingleMuslim Signup

Finally, you will be instructed to upload a photo. You can skip this step, but if you complete it, there are many guidelines you will have to follow.

Ease of Use

SingleMuslim Ease of Use

New users will find the SingleMuslim user interface easy to learn and use.

Your home page consists of a gallery of matches for you to choose from. You can display any gender and specify the parts of the world from which you want to browse.

Profiles are well laid out, with large images, stats at a glance, and more information in the centre of the page.

You can navigate to different parts of the site using a bar at the top of every page.


SingleMuslim is light on features.

You can add favourites, see your visitors, and send and receive messages.

There is also a “Success Stories” section where you can read about people who found their partner on the service. It’s pretty bare bones and doesn’t really add to the experience.

And that’s it.

For a service that is so popular, it was surprising to see how sparse its offerings were.

Staying Safe

SingleMuslim keeps user data encrypted and abides by the UK Data Protection Act.

Because the site is run by Muslims, there is a specific sensitivity towards users of the unconventional medium.

This means that they keep your information private and discreet.

If you feel you are being harassed on the service, you can report and block members.

It seems that SingleMuslim truly goes above and beyond to make its users comfortable.


SingleMuslim Cost

With a SingleMuslim Gold membership, you will be able to:

  • Send, read, and reply to messages.
  • Store messages for 30 days.
  • See who is viewing your profile.
  • Get priority customer support.

The cost of membership is displayed as a per day fee, but, frankly, that’s silly.

A one-month membership costs £29.99. If you opt for a longer commitment, you will pay less, however.

A three-month membership costs a reduced £19.99 per month and a full year membership costs just £9.99 per month.

It is always a gamble to make such large commitments, so you should always keep a timeframe of how long you want to try a service for in mind.

Final Thoughts

SingleMuslim is a good service for meeting people of the Islamic faith in the UK.

I was a little uncomfortable providing all of my contact information up front and still don’t understand why a free account would need to provide those details.

I was also struck by the lack of features.

Still, if faith is important to you, there are few better options for Muslims than SingleMuslim.

I would love to hear what you think about SingleMuslim.

Send me a message or leave a comment!

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