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For professional career men and women struggling to find love, there’s This site differs greatly from most other online dating websites (such as Match and eHarmony), but only in its demographic. Successful singletons from around the world in their tens of thousands flock to the site each month – and for good reason, too. The site itself boasts a whopping success rate, and when paired with the low membership fees, expansive search results and easy navigation it’s clear why it’s become so popular over the past few years.

But how does it compare when put up against other websites of a similar caliber? Do its unique features outweigh its restrictive demographic? We’ve taken a deeper look at the functionality of the site and tested it first hand, to better understand the potential for those looking for love.

We were actually pretty surprised with our findings and you might be too, if you decide to sign up to the site today.

The Basics of EliteSingles.comelitesingles

It’s not overtly obvious in the name, but the mention of the word ‘elite’ actually refers to successful employers, employees and entrepreneurs looking for love. Although the site is aimed at people in this position, it doesn’t rule out those looking for a successful partner, or even those that aren’t career minded. Consider it the LinkedIn of the relationship world.

It pairs like-minded individuals based on their preferences, lifestyles and even their earnings. It’s not all about cash either – anything but in fact. The site simply aims to connect those in financially secure positions with others. As expected, this approach has caused a bit of controversy over the years. For example, as good as the intentions of the site may have originally been, we found it to be filled with men and women of all ages hoping to get to know wealthy partners for their own reasons.

The Basics of

As negative as this may seem, we did still notice thousands of individuals on the site hoping to find business-minded partners – those that they can share their lives with and love. As a result of this split, the developers of Elite Singles introduced a unique filtering system to allow successful members to tailor their search results as preferred.

It’s Not All about the Money

As elite as many of the members may be on the site, over the past few years there has been a drastic growth in people from all walks of life signing up. The site now boasts thousands of genuine, professionally-minded individuals as standard, but also a whole host of people looking for love on a wider scale.

The security on the site is top-tier too, in fact, the effort that the developers have made to ensure that all correspondence between members is discrete and confidential speaks volumes about how highly they regard their account holders. Members will also appreciate the additional benefits of the customer service team – a group that promise to remain available at all times.

One of the main limitations of Elite Singles refers to the location of its members. Being based solely in the United States may alienate members around the world, but there’s nothing to say that international users can’t sign up to interact with American-based members. There are countless stories online that detail long distance relationships developing thanks to Elite Singles.

Features and Functions

One of the biggest benefits of relates to the versatility of its matches. Straight individuals, religious men and women and gay daters are all welcome to use the platform. Thanks to the initial setup, it is easy to refine search results based on sexual orientation, preferences and general lifestyle too, and the built-in blocking feature that comes as standard for all members can be pretty handy for keeping irritating messages at bay. There’s also the option to report users to the admin if they are making real nuisances of themselves.

Features and Functions

The matchmaking features are fairly accurate, although it’s not uncommon for one or two irrelevant results to make it in to your suggested match section on a daily basis. The website takes a little longer to match potential partners, but that could be put down to the extensive questionnaires, which can be very beneficial in the long run.

Unlike other sites like Match and eHarmony that match anywhere up to 25 people at a time, on any given day, Elite Singles is fairly limited in that respect – offering between 3 and 7 matches a day. If the quality is of a good standard though, this isn’t too much of an issue. Perhaps most uniquely of all match making sites that you might come across, is the addition of the ‘relationship advice’ feature.

Although not quite as hands on as the name might suggest, the psychologists and relationship experts behind the scenes offer a substantial volume of dating advice, tips and tricks – all of which can be perused at a member’s leisure should they require. Overall, the site is great for US individuals and does offer a low price, but it fairly limited when compared to alternative dating sites.


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