Every member of the team at DatingSpot has one thing in common: we all thought we would be swept off our feet on our first foray into dating. Just like we used to see in our favorite Disney movies.

Unfortunately, Disney lied.

Finding true love is not as simple as stumbling upon Prince Charming. It takes commitment, time, and, sometimes, countless attempts.

To some, each passing day might feel like one step further into the inevitability of a lifetime of loneliness.

Thanks to online dating, however, finding your match is easier now than its ever been and we want to show you how.

Each an expert in their own right, our staff has found a lot of success and, perhaps equally importantly, some failures along the way. As individuals who all originally met at a dating mixer, we all have our philosophies on the intricacies of modern dating.

Pauline Plott 

Pauline is an online dating success story who found the man of her dreams after a very bumpy journey.

Michael Gordon

The brains behind DatingSpot, Michael is a web developer who is fascinated by dating as a cultural phenomenon.

Jennifer Atkins

A writer by profession, Jennifer found her calling at DatingSpot after spending years creating content that she didn’t relate to.

Davida Gold

For Davida, sometimes less is more. That is why niche dating sites appeal to her most.

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