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Enjoying all that Zoosk has to Offer

Zoosk is an award-winning dating site that was first launched as a Facebook application nearly a decade ago. The fun and fresh service is used by over 50 million users and the site is considered a market leader in the online dating industry.

Unlike its main competitors eHarmony and Match.com, Zoosk UK approaches the concept of love from an entirely different angle. Where the former two sites are fairly restrictive, Zoosk offers its members over 25 different dialects to choose from, and it is available in over 80 different countries worldwide.

But does the service stack up in the crowded online dating field? Here’s our take…

Zoosk Drilldown

Year Founded 2007
Location USA
Active Users 50 million
Monthly Traffic 37+ Countries
Support 24/7 Live Chat
Ease of Use High
App? Yes
Cost £11.99/month
Recommended Yes
Website Zoosk.com

Ease of Use

As soon as you sign up to the dating site, your search may begin! It is not possible to see profiles without being a Zoosker yourself. You look at every profile individually and can take your time choosing who you prefer.

Since matches are made based on similar interests, we suggest filling in as many categories as you can. You could like the same movies, celebrities, sports, etc. Sending messages, winks and gifts (bought with Zoosk coins) are added bonuses.

Zoosk will send you one match a day, which you can accept or decline. This is called the Zooks Scientific Matchmaking Service. There’s also a Carousel, with which you can look at many profile pictures fast. A fun feature for getting to know other members is that you can make up icebreakers for them to answer. To see when a member has updated their information, the Zooks news feed will connect to Facebook.

If you’re a Premium member, the ‘Lively’ feature is there to add collages of pictures and videos to your profile. You can edit, crop and resize everything yourself to make your profile more appealing.

When developing Zoosk, the team clearly decided that being able to find love anywhere, at any time, should be a priority. Every potential match could be a life-long partner, and this is something that Zoosk puts a lot of focus on. This may be why they decided to create a mobile app, multi-screen responsiveness, an active desktop site, and even an interactive Facebook page.

Whether you’re keen to stay in touch with your possible love interests or if you have an inquiry that you’d like answered as quickly as possible, Zoosk makes chatting easy and this is one of the main draws of the platform.

Users have the option to favourite particular matches, and this will automatically add them to a category within their messaging system. In this window, it’s easy to flick between matches, responses, general messages and even favourite members that are online right now.

The app also works alongside all smartphone keyboards; meaning that there’s never the demand to access the mobile site unless you want to.

For Android users, this is the most downloaded app and because of its accessibility through Google and Apple mobile devices, more than 30% of ‘Zooskers’ use the app on their mobile.

Connecting Made Easy

Main Features

Zoosk’s platforms uses many of the traditional techniques offered by the majority of dating sites (such as profile compatibility, manual/advanced searches, and affordable price plans), where the service really breaks through barriers is by eliminating the need to spend hours answering questionnaires or filling in forms.

This is accomplished through Zoosk’s fully trademarked Behavioral Matchmaking technology. As its name suggests, the strategy relates to a member’s behaviours, preferences, lifestyle and general attributes.

Where other websites may struggle to match someone based on their hobbies or day to day activities, Zoosk prioritizes these events to better gauge the lifestyle type that their member may lead.

The results? An incredibly accurate collection of matches that offers similarities that are as surprising as they are specific.

You might wonder how Zoosk can possibly match you without any solid information on your personality, lifestyle, or preferences. As you interact with the website, you’ll undoubtedly view particular profiles, spend certain amounts of time reading particular segments of a person’s biography, and even target your clicks to people with a specific appearance.

It’s these clicks that Zoosk refers to for their calculations, and not in an intrusive way. Rather than having to spend hours, if not days, properly establishing an account and profile on Zoosk, members are encouraged to take the reigns as soon as they sign up.

All that you need to do is to add a profile picture, specify your sexual orientation, and consider adding your age. The matchmaking technology will take care of the rest, and without a matter of hours, you will be presented with a variety of possible love matches that reflect your original searches and interactions.


Zoosk is affordable, but there are also offers and discounts for members that have been using the service for several months, in addition to promotional offers for those considering signing up.

  • One month of Zoosk costs £22.74.
  • If you sign up for three months, the monthly rate is reduced to £15.98.
  • A half year commitment costs just £11.99 per month.

Zoosk boasts one of the highest satisfaction rates across the world of dating sites and if you find that you’re not happy within the first month of usage, then you can get in touch with their friendly customer support team to request a full refund.

With the price guarantees and features, there’s no reason not to try Zoosk out.

Final Thoughts

Zoosk is a colourful and cheerful service full of modern amenities and a user base to boot. The process of signing up is smooth and the experience only gets better from there. Although the search filtering could be better, the Behavioral Matchmaking feature does a great job of finding good matches.

There’s a reason why so many people use Zoosk and we consider it a great option for those who think they’ve tried everything.

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